Sean Quinn

Postdoc at UCLA

Welcome! I’m an experimental astro-particle physicist working on the General Antiparticle Spectrometer cosmic ray experiment. I joined the GAPS group at UCLA in 2018 and am involved in designing and building the time of flight system, serving as the main electronics lead.

Research interests

I am broadly interested in the direct detection of slow cosmic rays (a compelling and clean channel for indirect dark matter searches) and indirect detection of the ultra-high energy cosmic rays ( eV) as a test of the standard model at the high energy frontier.

More specifically: (1) the design and construction of particle detectors with a focus on data acquisition systems, electronics and associated simulations for cosmic ray physics (2) calibration and comparative studies of surface detectors used by super giant arrays studying UHECRs and (3) the propagation of ultra-high energy cosmic rays through the cosmic environment and deflections by astrophysical magnetic fields.

Other interests

I enjoy traveling and the outdoors. Since moving to California I’ve tried to take advantage of the many beautiful trails. Here are a few of my hikes: Gaia

PAB 3-357

475 Portola Plaza

Los Angeles, CA 90095


Aug 6, 2020 Check out my talk on GAPS for the virtual ICHEP2020 at